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The Trickster

Teaching your dog a trick is a brilliant way to have fun, bond with your dog, and also mentally exercise your dog.

Over 3 weeks we will:-

  • Introduce the use of a clicker

  • Introduce the topic of Shaping

  • Teach your dog at least 5 tricks i.e : -

    • Fetch your phone or other object

    • Ring a bell

    • Put the dogs toys away

    • Wipe their paws

    • Take a Bow 

The course costs £40 and includes a clicker and course notes for each trick. Please contact us to book now.  Class size is limited to 4 dogs, and dogs must have attended either Puppy School or equivalent, and be comfortable around humans and other dogs.

Trickster at Wyre Piddle Village Hall, Near Pershore:-
  • Next dates to be confirmed

Trickster at Childswickham Memorial Hall, Near Broadway:-
  • Next dates to be confirmed

* Please note all class dates may be subject to change if weather or conditions out of our control occur.
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