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Recall Workshops

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Teaching Recall in class is one thing, but training a good reliable recall around distractions is another!!.

Our outdoor recall workshop is held in a secure field, for 1hr 45mins with small friendly groups of young dogs/puppies

Over the course of the workshop you will learn:-

  • Why recall goes wrong

  • The commonest mistakes we make with recall and how to correct them.

  • How to change your voice cue so that your dog creates a new learnt history rather than ignoring your current voice cue.

  • How to use a long line to ensure we manage our dog's recall so that we always set the dog up to succeed.

  • 3 fantastic recall techniques 

The Workshop costs £35 and includes course notes and access to a free Facebook group with video's for each of the recall techniques to serve as a reminder on how to do the exercises. 

Please contact us to book now.  Class size is limited to 5 dogs.

N.B. - All dogs attending must be comfortable around humans and other dogs (i.e. no barking/lunging).

Next Workshop Dates: - 
Next workshop date to be confirmed - hopefully May 2024
* Please note all class dates may be subject to change if weather or conditions out of our control occur.
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