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Pershore and Evesham Puppy School run their Puppy Classes and Puppy University classes under franchise with 'Puppy School'. 

Puppy School is an established network of puppy class tutors. At our puppy training classes, only kind, effective reward-based techniques are used and puppies are 'educated' to have good manners, be friendly with adults, children and other dogs, and to respond to commands.  

The founder and director of Puppy School is Gwen Bailey who set up this network in 2002, to help owners give their puppies the best possible start in life, by using gentle reward based training.

Gwen is an internationally renowned dog trainer and behaviourist who has written 9 books on animal behaviour and lectures on the subject worldwide.

Pershore puppy training


Pershore and Evesham Puppy School is run by Sue Price and I am a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (membership no 1384)

I am also registered with the Animal Behaviour Training Council as an Animal Training Instructor.

I have been assisting and training puppies and dogs since 2013, and after completing extensive training with Puppy School I qualified as a Puppy School tutor in October 2015 and Puppy University Trainer in September 2016.

I only use kind, reward based training using food and toys to ensure both puppy and owners have a happy an enjoyable experience.

In 2013 myself and my dog Alfred was selected to be selected to be in the Kennel Club's Gold Good Citizen Dog Scheme Display team.

This meant months of practise and training, and over 3 days at crufts we demonstrated the Kennel Clubs Display routine dozen's of times. Culminating with appearing in the main arena on the Sunday morning. It was an amazing experience which I am so proud to have been part of.

I am always undertaking further learning and training so that I stay up to date with the newest positive reward-based training techniques.

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