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At Pershore and Evesham Puppy School we offer numerous classes, so that people can help teach their dog to be a happy, contented, well rounded dog, and also a dog that they can take out for walks and come back when called, or settle contentedly at home as well as when going out to cafe's and pubs etc.

We offer classes in small informal groups (max of 6 per class), and actively encourage the whole family to attend including children (please note for children under 5 we recommend 2 adults attend).

Our classes run for 1 hr a week, over 6 weeks and we cover a range of important skills and behaviours to help create a good foundation for life. 

Pershore and Evesham Puppy School run their Puppy Classes under franchise with 'Puppy School'.  Puppy School is an established network of puppy class tutors. At our puppy training classes, only kind, effective reward-based techniques are used and puppies are 'educated' to have good manners, be friendly with adults, children and other dogs, and to respond to commands.  

Our follow on class to puppy school is our Skills for Life class, this builds on what you learnt in Puppy School and develops you and your puppies skills to be able to be better equipped to handle everyday life. 

For puppies or young dogs who missed out on their formal puppy training we offer a Young Dog class which covers similar content to our Puppy class but also covering additional skills/techniques useful to the older puppy. 

If you cannot attend our classes we also offer one-to-one puppy/dog training in the comfort of your own home, please see our one-to-one page for further details

Puppy Training
Puppy Classes and Online Puppy Classes- for fully vaccinated puppies up to 6 months old
Puppy School Broadway
Skills For Life - For puppies & young dogs with previous puppy training
Dog Training Eveshm
Young Dog - classes for those with no previous training
Broadway Puppy Training
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